I've struggled with chronic back pain for over 10 years. Gyulia's massages are just about the only relief that I get. A great massage at an unbeatable price. Gyulia isn't looking to empty my bank account [like some], she's interested in healing and concerned about helping me deal with my back pain. All of this with the added bonus of a warm and friendly personality.

Dan Carbary

I have been seeing Gyulia for over 2 years and always look forward to her massage. She has a thorough knowledge of the body and if you are having specific issues that need addressing, she will focus on these areas and make sure you in a better place when you leave than when you arrive for your session. Aside form the exceptional massages, she also has a great personality and if you like to talk during the massage, she can be an enjoyable conversationalist. Overall, while the 5-Star rating is justified, more stars are needed!!!

Brian Gibson

Excellent massage therapy. The best massage therapist in this area. Massage is very therapeutic, relaxing. My back issue has been resolved. I'm going to see this therapist every 7 days.

Dale Anderson

The Best Massage therapist in Michigan,she makes sure your needs are met!


Gyulia tremendously helped me with my sports injury that I accidentally have obtained during the work out activity. I was in pain before I met with Gyulia for a massage. She has a good knowledge of anatomy and physiology that keep her massage session an outstanding of other massage places. She also removed all tension from my neck and shoulders that I used to have from stress and tiredness. Now, muscle soreness from sports activities and tension from stress do not bother me any more. I feel a few times better, and even sleep better at night after visiting Gyulia. Her magic hands have healed me and gave me a positive boost for the future. I highly recommend this massage therapist to anyone.

V. Ivanov

 Thank you Gyulia for your amazing quality work.
Moved to Detroit from California, so it's been difficult finding a Professional Licensed Massage Therapist. I had horrible aches on my calves, ankles, lower back, shoulders and neck after accumulating long hours sitting on a computer.
1. The setting is comfortable, clean, and quiet
2. She will ask you what is bothering you so she can focus on area(s)
3. The deep tissue was absolutely amazing, after a few passes you could feel a difference and relief
4. She actually cares of how you feel and provides great advice to reduce stress, ways to stretch, and products that can help you out.
I went back a second time, back to back. Honestly after the second session, my joints were not aching as before.
Thanks again Gyulia,

Gabriel M. Martinez
Real Estate
Project Director

My experience with Gyulia had been great...She is a true professional! I travel to Detroit on business several times a year and she is always very accommodating with my schedule and does a great job with stretching and swedish massage. In my opinion, she is very talented, methodical and is among the best in her field!!
Roger Henderson.

If you are looking for a very good quality massage, Gyulia is going to be the right choice of a massage therapist. She can address any of your back, shoulder, neck, hip, posture problem. Whatever area on a body needs to be helped, she will massage it to the point the pain will come off fast. I highly recommend Gyulia as a massage therapist.

Mark Johnson

Software Engineering

Gyulia is a top therapist. She is well trained and it shows. Whether you have problem areas or simply need to relax, she can help you.

Sterling Heights 

I'm coming to Gyulia's massage session on a regular base because I'm working out a few times a week. My body is pretty often sore and I need a massage. Gyulia totally covers all the aspects of my needs in each her session. Gyulia is the right person who could help anybody to recover after physical activities. Thanks to her hard work and strong hands.


IT tech.

I have been seeing Gyulia for about 3 months now and have thoroughly enjoyed all of the massage sessions with her. Both her massage technique is great and any stress or physical issues are taken care of and her personality makes the massage an even more relaxing session. I highly recommend her and she will definitely help you with any issues you may have or just to enjoy an hour of bliss!!!

Tech Support.

I like Gyulia's techniques, her strong and, at the same time, soft professional hands. The results are coming awesome after her massage. I really recommend this massage therapist to anyone. 


an auto dealer, Southfield


I  have received many massages from Gyulia.
This is the best massage i have had. It was both relaxing and therapeutic. I was in a car accident  and had neck and back issues. She helped me a lot.
I have received massages from other people and it failed in comparison. 
I highly recommend her.


sales, Macomb.


"I have been seeing Gyulia for about 3 months now and have never felt better.  She has a true understanding of the human anatomy and her techniques are uniquely therapeutic for both stress relief and pain management.  She is second to none - I would recommend her without hesitation." 

Pat F


Fantastic, Relaxing, Very Talented Therapist. Extremely Outstanding Massage Techniques. Flexible Scheduling Appointments.

Don Guss

I have found Giulia to be extremely pleasant and a complete professional. She will work with your schedule and make herself available whenever possible. I would recommend her services to anyone.

Great massage. Very pleasant masseuse. I like to visit her once in a while to reduce body tension and take care of a low back issue. I'm going to continue to visit this massage therapist.

Bob Wilson

Best massage therapy I ever have. Massage therapist is detailed and really able to help to reduce and even eliminate muscle soreness, stress and tension. I love her hands. She is amazing massage therapist. Massage will cover any issue that you need to address. I highly recommend to anyone.

Greg Liskowski

Definitely, It was the best massage. I liked a deep tissue or sports massage. It greatly helped me to recover after work out activity. My body always sore. Massage was an escape. I recommend this massage therapist to everyone.

Samuel Davis

I have absolutely the best massage therapy.  Therapist has an experience from medical settings where she was able to help to a number of patients with her techniques and great hands. Now, Giulia works on her own and able to cover up more people. I used to have a constant pain in a neck, shoulder and a low back from spending long work hours near a computer. That pain used to shot into my head that sometimes could cause headaches. I'm so glad that I was able to find a massage therapist like Giulia. She did a miracle job for me. After a few sessions, I forgot about headache and pain in a neck, shoulder and low back. I highly recommend this massage therapist to anyone.

Martin Rodriguez