Benefits of the Massage

​​~ Stress relieve
~ Tiredness, fatigue and tension relieve
~ Fight with a muscle and a joint pain
~ Recovery after work out activity
~ Recover after any injury
~ Back, neck and shoulders pain relieve
~ Muscle knots removal 
~ Reduction of a muscle and joint stiffness
~ Reduction of headaches
~ Boosting metabolic processes
~ Insomnia reduction
~ Increasing blood and lymph circulation
~ Flushing out toxins from a body
~ Bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to body systems and cells
~ Arthritic pain management

~ Revitalization of all body
~ Cleaning a skin from bruises
~ Nourishing and moisturizing a skin
~ Cleaning a skin from dead skin cells

About my Massage Session

Each massage session is customized to meet an individual's needs. The level of a pressure is also going to be adjusted to meet the level of your comfort. Any and all body soft tissue issues will be addressed and worked on during your massage session. I can even use a pain relieving solution, such as a Tiger Balm, to help you with any sort of muscle, tendon and joint pain. Tiger Balm has over a hundred years of excellent reputation allover the world, as the most effective organic, topical analgesic. 

In a massage session, I'll use unscented massage lotion or unscented oil. My products also doesn't leave any grease on your clothes after a session. However, if you have a preference to a stuff that could be used in your session, please feel free to bring your own. In a winter time, the massage lotion and the table are heated to bring the most comfort during the session.

If you have any more questions about your massage session, please feel free to contact me directly. I will be happy to answer to any of your questions or concerns.